Relco Group

Relco Group

We are the exclusive distributors for Relco components in the UK. Relco Group was established in 1967 out of the passion and the brains of Giuseppe Pisati. Initially, the company was involved in electrical engineering applied to lighting. In 1975, it created the first adjustable light: it was only the beginning of a long series of successes. Since then, the group, currently guided by Angelo Giuliano Pisati, has continuously expanded.

The strength of the company is in innovation, as the group is a pioneer in the LED field, together with foresight and design: not only do Relco Group assemble all of the components, but the designs and production are carried out within the company.

The product range includes electronic components, HID power sources, transformers, emergency units, low voltage light control systems, LED fluorescence, residential systems, finished lighting units, public lighting and designer lighting.


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