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Relco Group

We are the exclusive distributors for Relco components in the UK. Relco Group was established in 1967 out of the passion and the brains of Giuseppe Pisati. Initially, the company was involved in electrical engineering applied to lighting. In 1975, it created the first adjustable light: it was only the beginning of a long series of successes. Since then, the group, currently guided by Angelo Giuliano Pisati, has continuously expanded.

With five proprietary brands (RelcoLeuciRelco LightingVLMSegno), a business presence in 74 countries and a product range that covers the entire power supply chain for finished designer lamps, the Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the lighting sector.

The strength of the company is in innovation, as the group is a pioneer in the LED field, together with foresight and design: not only do Relco Group assemble all of the components, but the designs and production are carried out within the company.

The product range includes electronic components, HID power sources, transformers, emergency units, low voltage light control systems, LED fluorescence, residential systems, finished lighting units, public lighting and designer lighting.

The company and brands of the Group

The first company of the group still designs and manufactures lighting components today. Power supply units, transformers, dimmers, emergency systems, all with great innovative capacity and constantly evolving technology.

Leuci has manufactured bulbs since 1919, the only Italian company in its genre. Acquired by the Group in 2007 and today completely absorbed by RELCO, its main vocation and offer is a complete series of energy-saving fluorescent halogen light bulbs and LEDs suitable for every use and every need. LED is the lighting technology of the future. Leuci LED bulbs are guaranteed for 5 years and provide energy savings of up to 85%.

Relco Lighting
The Relco Lighting brand identifies the segment related to technical products for residential/retail/industrial and street use. The lighting devices include: LED lighting systems for retail use, street furniture, indoor and outdoor lamps, projectors etc.

VLM, founded in 1945, has always played a leading role in electronic and electric components for lighting purposes.

Segno is design, aesthetics, modern and functional style. Founded in 1983 and acquired by the Relco Group in 2006, it was involved from the outset in the design and creation of lamps featuring the highest aesthetic content and design. Creating light to transform it into style, research on shapes that convey emotions in tune with modern living at home, use in the office or commercial spaces.

The Segno brand features two lines: Crystal, lamps made of real crystal created at the most famous Tuscan glassworks and Murano LED, the latest creation by RELCO. Murano LED, as the name suggests, is a collection of lighting devices featuring high aesthetic value expressed through one of the oldest Italian artisan traditions: glass blowing and manual grinding, typical of Venetian masters. Traditional and modern combined with elegance and simplicity. 

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