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We are the exclusive UK distributors for Metal Lux. Metal Lux has been manufacturing and selling decorative lighting fittings for over 40 years. They are situated in the beautiful Venetian countryside and are proud to be able to say that from production to distribution all of their lights are 100% Made in Italy. Over the years Metal Lux has evolved into a truly innovative brand. The idea of lighting both as a vital need as well as a form of art, has enabled the rise of new, captivating collections of exquisite products, characterised by contemporary designs combined with long-lasting high quality materials.

 Metal Lux was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of metal components for the lighting industry, and by 1976, it had already started creating its own finished products and compiled its first full catalogue. They have a substantial sized site of 7000sqm, where all the production stages are carried out. The factory houses first class machinery and a technologic metal bending plant, as well as a hi-tech galvanic plant for gold, chrome and nickel finishes. The workshop prepares the metal parts, the galvanising department finishes, assembles and electrifies them and then sends the products to the quality control check department. Once the goods are fully tested, the goods are sent to the packaging department where the preparation of the end-product is completed. Only the glass, which is supplied locally, is excluded from the production cycle and is fitted at the end.

Since 1988 Metal Lux has been a member of ASSOLUCE, the Italian lighting manufacturers association, which aims to guide all the companies involved to a determined standard based on values such as quality, safety and honesty towards clients as well as consumers.

We believe that Metal Lux products are the embodiment of Italian style and creativity, which means the products are not only stunning, but also high quality, the result of consistently innovative production methods and the latest technology available. The quality of the end product is guaranteed by the authenticity and professionalism of true craftsmen, masters of ancient glass and metal techniques. This alongside painstaking attention to the finishes have enabled Metal Lux to fashion unique pieces, classic lamps that personify Italy's great manufacturing tradition. The entire process is governed by a quality system that meets European Union standards and respects the handcraft skills at the root of the production cycle.

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