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EBB & FLOW was founded by Susanne Nielsen, who has over 20 years of experience in international trade, marketing and concept development within the fashion and home accessories industry. Based in London for many years, she returned to Denmark in 2009, bringing with her a passion for interior design and the beauty found in different countries’ culture and craft tradition. The company continues to build on its traditions of combining old with modern, celebrating unique enduring design.

EBB & FLOW designs and produces decorative lighting, with all designs created by owner Susanne Nielsen. Using classic British and Nordic style as a starting point combined with a passion for the basic materials glass, crystal, metal and textiles, the result is a style that infuses lighting and glass with a fine airy simplicity and a modern edge and depth of colour. All our lighting designs are made to bring warmth and joy, translated through colours and shapes they inspire and offer lasting beauty.
EBB & FLOW production is defined by proper traditional craftsmanship, and by using only real materials like glass, crystal, metal, and fabric. All lamps are produced and assembled in Europe, by people - mouth-blown glass and hand-cut crystal are made by talented craftsmen and women in Poland, and fabric shades and electrical parts for the lamps are assembled in Denmark.
Based in Denmark, EBB & FLOW consists of a small, dedicated team. Our vision is to bring sophisticated lighting design to people all over the world. In achieving this, we work closely with our agents and distributors, and often collaborate with interior designers and architects.

EBB & FLOW has received several renowned awards. Most recent is the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior 2020 for the new, beautiful and functional Horizon ceiling/wall design.This year we also received the Børsen Gazelle 2019 prize. 

Last year, we were awarded three titles at The German Design Award 2019. In 2018 we received the prestigeous Danish title 'Gazelle business' which is a strong indicator of succes. Read more about our recognitions here.


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